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ANNEX building

Concept design, detailed proposal, final proposal and building site supervision


The project provides the demolition of three modest existing buildings originally placed within the boundary of the industrial sector towards the new multifunctional building called MAST which houses some functions closely connected to the activities of the Company including its restaurant. The area thus freed gave the opportunity to redesign the space through the construction of a large garden and the location of a new office building in elevation and also some functions placed underground: a two floors garage, a photographic archive and a connecting tunnel between the production workshops, the new office building and MAST activities. The office building grows up in elevation for a total area of about 2,000 square meters, defining a lowered access plan compared to the surrounding level. This device allows to obtain as many levels as possible, according to the height constraint existing on the area, regulated by proximity to the Marconi airport of Bologna. The definition of a lower access plan becomes the opportunity for a redesign of the open spaces of the intervention. The design of technical elements linked to the lighting and ventilation of underground areas contribute to provide a new landscape.


budget: 26.000.000
project: 2012-2013
completed: 2018

Matteo Sirinati
Francesco Bogoni

Adriano Lagrecacolonna