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Arrivare a Venezia. Exhibition

Detailed proposal, final proposal and building supervision exhibition design “Arrivare a Venezia”.


The design of the exhibition “Arrive in Venice” is set on the characteristics of the material object of exposition: the four presentation panels of the project for the new multi-storey garage of the different design teams, as well as the three panels for the submission showing professional highlights of each group selected for the final round of the competition. The interiors of the place chosen for the exhibition, the church of S. Marta, whose restoration has provided in the interior space a permanent support for future activities auditorium and conference hall which occupies about 2\3 of the surface, were therefore to obviate the need for a linear surface exhibiting greater than 55 meters. It was decided, therefore, to place the materials exposed along the longitudinal walls of the church which supports using a series of metal screens, which reach a total height of 2.80 meters, achieved through a self-supporting structure in tubular iron frame of 6×6 cm, in such a way as not to require any fixing system for wall or floor, and coated with a hidden fastening with three alternate strips of expanded metal and pickled sheet iron and painted matte transparent. The sheet iron matte identifies the band in which the A0 panels are placed, while the two bands, upper and lower metal mesh guarantee the perception of the continuity of the perimeter walls of the church. The articulation of exhibitors in to screen identifies clearly concave modulations along the space in relevance of each project, introduced by a vertical band are reproduced in opaque names of leaders of the various groups of design. The display system being conceived through modular components are easy to assemble can be used on other occasions and with different configurations.

APV Investimenti Spa

dimension: 330 mq
budget: 120.000 euro
project: 2008
completed: 2008


Alessandra ChemolloORCH
Raffaella Fornasier

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