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Australia pavilion Venice Biennale feasibility report

feasibility study for the redevelopment of the Australian exhibition pavilion at the gardens of the Venice Biennale


The feasibility study defines the framework for the possible transformation of the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, verified on the basis of the urban planning instruments in force and the framework of constraints. The study also proposes the restitution of a picture of the more purely technical aspects concerning the verification of the proposed intervention hypotheses (restructuring, demolition and reconstruction, reallocation, temporary structure) on the basis of Italian legislation and separate technical regulations according to the main components of a project: spatial and dimensional requirements, structural and plant engineering. Finally, the study identifies a hypothesis of work organization to manage the preliminary, final and executive design phases as well as the construction phase and returns an estimate of the costs for the intervention in question.

Australia Council for the Arts

dimension: 320 mq
project: 2010

Matteo Sirinati

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