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Barranco de Badajoz

International Architectural Meeting “Proyectar el paisaje: el Barranco de Badajoz de Guimar” IUAV resaearch group leads by S.Rocchetto

Barranco de Badajoz de Guimar, Tenerife, Canaria Islands

The project for the Barranco de Badajoz de Guimar, is oriented toward a strategy that meets the criteria of concentration and densification, the only one, in our opinion, that could help to plan sustainable development capable of ensuring the rational use of existing resources, avoiding their total impairment. Concentration: limit the changes to a few areas, four, with interventions of sufficient size to support and comment on the different sizes of the elements that structure the territory and, at the same time, pro-tect large areas not yet affected by the excavations and “restore “ some parts of area using the waste materials for future excavations. We consider the more close of Güímar quarries, in the upper part of the gully, arranged along the Camino Real .
Densification: let became the four new areas of excavation opportunities for infrastructure of the entire area, occupying parts of the territory as small as possible, in view of the amount of material to be extracted, expected in the next twenty years. Representing as many opportunities to equip the territory of new equipment: Leisure , sports equipment for the realization of high-ranking areas for laboratories for scientific research, and finally also the areas where concentrated amounts of residential and tourist services connected to it, such as the admission of new marinas for pleasure boats and fields for the game of golf.

dimension: 400 ha
project: 2006

Stefano Rocchetto, Monica Bosio, Valentina Gambelli, Michele Restivo

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