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Bauhaus Museum

Competition proposal for the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau

Dessau (Deutschland)

The new building for the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau instead to rebuild the corner of the city park of Dessau with a massive building, provide a pavilion deeply related to the city park, with the exhibition part of the museum arranged as an hypogeum space. This solution allows to arrange the part of the building which rises from the ground as a long transparent pavilion in the park, which is particularly effective in this context because let’s to emphasize the symbiosis of city, architecture and landscape space.

The part of the new Museum, which rises above the ground, is a long building (about 120.00 m in length, 12.60 m in width, 6.00 m in height) made as a beam roof, placed on four supports at the corners and suspended over the double height space of the foyer placed below. The pavilion is a transparent space designed to welcome the visitor, whose symbolic value of cultural bridge gradually reveals the wealth of the underground world of which it is device of access. The structure it is realized in tensioned concrete. The two main entrances to the exhibition area with the enquiry area, the dedicated entrance to the objects’ delivery hall, all the offices and the cafeteria are placed at 0.00 level. All the main functions both exhibition and educational are placed at –6.50 m level.

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

dimension: 3.900 mq
budget: 25.000.000
project: 2015

Maria Vittoria Bosi
Matteo Sirinati

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