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idea competition for the new design of piazza Brunelleschi a Firenze and for the new University library


The project’s main objective is to contribute to the process of regeneration of the university giving a new clear system of the buildings and of the open spaces in order to allow the construction of the new headquarters of the humanist library. Currently, in fact, the university complex, that involves three struc-tures, built at different times -a portion of the ancient monastery of St. Mary of the Angels (1295), the current department of buildings (1950) and the building designed by R. Fagnoni (1959-64)-, is set up as a collection of buildings and areas placed near but not clearly related. It also warns of the need to make this place a manifest clearly legible in his  public institution quality, giving a representative form of the physical interface for the exchange of knowledge. The intention of the project proposal aims to es-tablish a new synergetic system interconnected and integrated to the city for recover its urban vocation. The concept driving the whole project is the establishment of a set of information landscapes: surfaces placed at different heights identify areas while the entire complex is re-read from the re-signification of the voids by putting in place a principle of subtraction which aims to return a clear legibility of the par-ties. The intention is to reveal the sense of place driving the perception within the complex through the issue of transparency and cross-references, and establishing new relationships with their surroundings.

Firenze Municipality

dimension: 4.756 mq
project: 2005

Silvia Bortolini
Michele Restivo

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