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Cuneo ex frigorifero militare

Competition Proposal for the former military refrigerator renovation


The former military refrigerator is a building currently in a precarious state of preservation and in complete disuse, characterised by an L-shaped layout that encloses an open space between the building itself and the former Leutrum barracks.

The aim of the project is to combine the need for conservation – given its iconic value and historical memory for the city of Cuneo – with the need to adapt the building to allow the implementation of the program for its re-functionalization as a centre for cultural production and social aggregation.

The project for the regeneration of the former military refrigerator envisages a strategy of construction within the built environment through the preservation of the external building curtain as a fragment of memory and the complete reconfiguration of the façade overlooking the internal courtyard, located on the site of the existing façade, as well as the arrangement of new underground areas to accommodate the exhibition spaces and the underground garage for 09 parking spaces.

the project proposes to bring the public space of the square inside the courtyard, organising on the ground floor the functions with a strong public appeal: the entrance hall and reception to the cultural production centre, the bookshop and the bar – restaurant.

Most of the basement – connected to the entrance hall on the ground floor by a double-height spatial device – is dedicated to the exhibition function of the cultural centre.

From the entrance hall a horizontal distribution space, overlooking the inner courtyard, leads up to the first floor where we find the multipurpose rooms and the two administrative offices. On the first floor the horizontal distribution space continues to face the inner courtyard and leads to the lifts to the second floor where the laboratory are located.

CRC Foundation

dimension: 2.980 mq
budget: 5.328.000
project: 2020

Matteo Sirinati
Gabriele Martella
Gianluca Marin