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Diamonds are forever

Competition proposal for the extension of Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo dei Diamanti.


The project aims to ensure a circular route through the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo dei Diamanti, as required by the competition brief, while preserving the “transparency” offered by the five large arched holes on the ancient wall that allow for a close visual relationship between the two open spaces of the Palace: the inner courtyard and the magnificent back garden.

The transparent pavilion fits neatly into the large garden. It enhances the perception of the historical building’s unity with its facing in exposed brick as a background, while also safeguarding its autonomy and physiognomy.

This intervention proposes the elimination of all the incongruous elements, clear signs of an incremental process, that are currently leaning against the corner between the head of the Biagio Rossetti wing and the boundary wall on the homonymous Corso, except for the small building characterized by an architectural element of a clearly defined façade, with four pilasters surmounted by a wide cornice. The new extension becomes a light addition to the “stage curtain” wall that separates the inner courtyard from the garden, and incorporates this preexisting element within.

Ferrara Municipality

dimension: 635 mq
budget: 2.615.000 euro
project: 2017
completed: 2017

Luigi Cocco
Emilio Maiorino & partners Srl
MHK consulting Srl

Chiara Dalla Valle

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