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Fair district redevelopment

feasibility study for the overall redevelopment and expansion of the fair district in Bologna


The redevelopment project for the Bologna Fiera District brings together the existing territorial facilities, calibrating in an appropriate and effective manner the expansion interventions, in order to provide the fair complex with a new identity and a contemporary image capable of revitalising competitively the district. The proposed project structures the entire project around a green area of a total of 10 hectares, which also includes the restricted area of environmental protection of the Abandoned Savena. This open green space is divided into two areas: a more internal one, called the green square, and a larger one called the fairground park. The new access to the fair is designed integrated into an intermodal node that includes the redesign of the railway station in close relation to the existing parking Michelino. The new node, which overlooks the green square – in addition to the railway station and the direct and covered connection with the Michelino car park – can accommodate a portion of shops, a hotel with 400 rooms and a new access to the fair with ticket offices and services as well as 15,000 square meters of new exhibition space.

The new expansion of the Fair is conceived as a virtuous and compact mini-city that, also addressing the territorial scale of the motorway infrastructure, is able to give order, form and recognition to the entire area, but at the same time is equipped with a large articulation of spaces on a more urban scale, involving the different levels and internal gardens up to some practicable portions of the roof, ensuring the operation of exhibition spaces for over 60.The main building has a total surface area of approximately 20,000 square metres with dedicated access for exhibitors and supplies and a hall for events of approximately 20,000 square metres free of internal supports, equipped with suitable mobile devices to host concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, fashion shows and conventions.


dimension: 10 ha
project: 2014

Matteo Sirinati
Francesco Bogoni

Luigi Cocco

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