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Temporary pavilion inside a cloister

Exhibition design of the architectural competition for the new museum of XX century M9 Mestre.

Mestre, Venezia

The temporary pavilion located inside the cloister of the former barracks Matter in the center of Mestre, host the exhibition of projects of the International architectural Competition by invitation – organized by the Foundation of Venice – for the creation of new cultural center and museum M9 900 in Mestre. The exhibition show the competition projects drawings and models of Massimo Carmassi, David Chipperfield, Pierre-Louis Faloci, Luis Mansilla/Emilio Tuñón, Matthias Sauerbruch/Louisa Hutton, Eduardo Souto de Moura. The temporary pavilion is proposed as an intrusion into the cloister, which nevertheless leaves visible portion of it, thus allowing visitors to discover the spaces hitherto denied the former barracks that will be returned to the town of Mestre with the construction of the complex cultural M9.

Polymnia Srl

dimension: 450 mq
budget: 262.200 euro
project: 2010
completed: 2010

Matteo Sirinati

studio Camuffo

Alessandra ChemolloORCH
MAP studio

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