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Floating Restaurant

Competition for the renovation of the building “tesa 113” ancient dock in the Arsenale di Venezia in restaurant, bar, canteen.


The Project for the renovation of Tesa 113 is inspired by the special position of of the building, like a “head” of the complex of Tese Novissime, which makes the building in some way exceptional, both in relation to the system of relationships that you can build inside the series itself, and for all of relationships that can be established with the wide open space in front of the east façade, which is currently occupied by a few yards, but that, in the predictions of the competition documents, is indicated as a space for public use. The project, therefore, is to combine a need for conservation and careful recovery of the artifact to the need to adapt it to use the service and food and consequently to an adequate technological equipment.
It is therefore decided to have a linear element: a long septum which performs the functions of structural and vertical distribution of the ducts of the plant. This element has a thickness of 70 cm and has the hollow portions for the passage of the pipes.
The septum is aligned with the artifact added in the XIX century to maintain and defines a range of service against the wall adjacent to the contiguous Tesa.
This structural element holding a floor space of about 180 square meters, cantilevered at an altitude of +3.50 m respect to the ground floor. The horizontal element supported by a structure of steel profiles, alternates a matte surface, cor-ten steel, with a translucent matte frosted tempered glass, which will allow the passage to the land of zenithal light from the skylight in the central part of the roof. The step structure is borrowed from that of the great columns of Istrian stone which have a wheelbase of 5.70 ml.

Magistrato alle Acque, Arsenale di Venezia Spa

dimension: 1160 mq
project: 2006

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