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Fusina Powerplant

Competition Proposal for architectural and landscape enhancement of the Fusina industrial site.


The main goal of the project for the transformation of the “Andrea Palladio” thermoelectric power station is to propose a new idea for a power station for the production of electrical energy that guarantees an energy transition towards the reduction of polluting sources (decarbonization) while responding to certain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Agenda 2030, chosen and promoted by the United Nations Assembly.

The project proposed for the transformation and environmental redevelopment of the power plant in Fusina was conceived as a sort of communication device of the Enel Group’s commitment to the transition towards the use of different energy production methods of the future: green, clean, renewable and reliable.

The project mainly involves the construction of

– a new entrance to the complex with a park/hanging garden to partially cover the parking areas and with inside, under a large technological cover, the new canteen and a centre for research and innovation;

– a mantle/covering of the new energy production areas in technological fabric integrated with photovoltaic panels;

– the reclamation and renaturalisation of the coal pit;

– the phytoremediation of some areas of the compartment;

– the creation of a linear park between the new energy production compartment and the photovoltaic park.


dimension: 450.000 mq
budget: 12.000.000 euro
project: 2020

U.D. Urban Design AB Stockholm
Helena Glantz
Erik Jarlov

Madalene Isaksson
Gianluca Marin
Gabriele Martella
Matteo Sirinati
Le Song