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Hyperdomus Hybridomus

competition for the preliminary design of a residential intervention in Favaro Veneto, 1st prize

Favaro Veneto

On the open space of the edges between town and country.

The project works on the condition of settlement as a suburban margin character of the two competition areas, trying to give value, size and shape to the void on which attest the new buildings, establishing a close relationship between open space and buildings surround it and returning it as a fundamental good for the community.

The solution proposed design a green open space system integrated to the context, according to a review of the close theme, borrowed from planning experiments on the garden city typology.

The void regains meaning manner and is structured and arranged through a dual system of contiguous public spaces.

The open space so configured becomes a place dedicated to meeting and socializing, and is characterized by trees and by the character and texture of paving.

The two buildings in predominantly residential function proposed, interpret and radicalize the two building types usually used in these areas: the building single block and the linear building.

In the site parallel of Via delle Felci, in continuity with the character of the buildings that stood there, the type block called Hyperdomus.

This building has n. 36 apartments of various sizes served by a single central lift system (body stairs and elevator) with a Total Sp. of about 2.940 sqm.

In the site between the Peep area and the newly formed road that lead to the roundabout on Via Gobbi it is proposed a building consisting of two elements willing to “L” with commercial ground level called Hybridomus.

This building has n. 24 apartments of various sizes with n. 7 commercial units on the ground floor (complementary to the residence functions), for a Total Sp. of about 2.810 sqm.

Est Capital Sgr

dimension: 5.750 mq Sp/7.400 mq area
budget: 7.500.000 euro
project: 2011

Jorge Rollan
Matteo Sirinati

studio ReD

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