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Kindergarten in Sluderno

competition proposal for the new Sluderno kindergarten school


The new building, as an offset element of re-stitching the front between the elementary school and the cultural center, confirm both the importance of continuity construction of this edge to the maintenance of the pedestrian path and the role of the offset volume, compared to the adjacent buildings, which realize an exact deformation of the end section of the court, confirming the smaller urban areas character with articulated spatiality. This choice of settlement also permit a large open space for the asylum garden with an optimal orientation during the winter season.

The new kindergarten is a compact volume with two elements: single level front element, that is set up as a sort of “mineral fence” and that contains within it a higher portion, a two levels wood volume. The single level front volume define the relationship between Kugel court, all the new open spaces and the building of the primary school: the configuration in the concave and convex part of the building’s façade directs the gaze of the pedestrians and force the perception of it as a wall element fence. The second element, an higher wooden volume, guard the open space of the asylum garden comparing itself with the scale of the surrounding buildings (cultural and elementary school center) and to the other direction, it raise from the northern front portion of “mineral fence”, establishing a greater distance relationships with other emergencies of the country (church and castle).

Sluderno Municipality

dimension: 6050 mc
budget: 3.028.255 euro
project: 2012

Francesco Bogoni
Matteo Sirinati

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