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Competition proposal for the Kolezija swimming pool complex

Ljubljana (SLO)

The requalification project of the Kolezija complex proposes an interpretation of the morphological and settlement characters of the area on which insists the pool complex, starting from an analysis of its current conditions and from the image formed over time in the collective imagination.

The project’s main objective is to contribute to the area’s recovery process by emphasizing both the constitutive character of open spaces and ​​the settlement principles.

The submitted proposal organizes the system of open spaces as an artificial topography that contains the system of pools. The pool complex  functional program find a settlement in a kind of inhabited riverbank, an element that is, at the same time, the limit and the transition to the river.

A horizontal element is suspended on this artificial excavation and determines the spaces of the indoor pool.

A single volume emerging, the restaurant, close the perspective from Langusova ulica, handling the complex geometry of the area.

The strategy of hybridization between the building and the ground creates an architecture that identifies itself with the landscape.

Sport Department of Ljubljana Municipality

dimension: 10.700 mq
project: 2009

Elena Rosa
Matteo Sirinati

Luka Skansi

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