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Landscape RSA

feasibility study of RSA settlement in the complex of villa Civran Manfrin in Castione di Loria (TV)

Castione di Loria (TV)

The project proposes a new Assisted Health Residence for the elderly in the monumental complex of Villa Civran Manfrin in Castione di Loria.

The solution consists of a complex strategy that considers the relationship between the existing buildings and the construction of a new building facing the countryside, which is carefully inserted into the landscape and settled into a natural depression in the ground in the green area behind the villa.

The complex will thus be able to accommodate about 120 beds and services in a renovated context of high quality landscape.


dimension: 4,1 ha
project: 2018

Matteo Sirinati
Chiara Dalla Valle
Gabriele Martella

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