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M9/transforming the city

Exhibition design of the final design phase of the new museum of XX century M9 Mestre


Inside the ground floor of the headquarters of the Fondazione di Venezia, the construction of a temporary wall covering the existing walls, in self-supporting panels of MDF covered by a textile paper, delimits the areas dedicated to the exhibition. The exhibition access is from the main entrance of the building headquarters of the Fondazione. Only part of the atrium will be affected by the exhibition and in particular the long side towards the Rio Nuovo: against the wall to the left of the entrance, are prepared introductions to the content of the exhibition, a presentation of the project M9 and its territorial framework; against the same wall is housed a touch screen 22 “containing interviews Then it’s possible to enter to the first room dedicated to the project M9. As you enter, to the right and left of the entrance passage, are housed two other monitors 42 ” touch screen, one containing a virtual tour inside M9, the other the storyboard of the project; at the center of the room is exposed a large model of the new building and the environment, on the side surfaces of the room are exhibited drawings and views on the project at the final design phase. The next and last room is accessed through two passages. The second room is dedicated to the theme of Urban regeneration through exhibition of five projects by Sauerbruch Hutton who has often worked on this issue. At the center of the room are exposed three models of different dimensions, while a model of cloth is hung on the wall. A further small model is housed in a recess formed inside against the wall and will be visible through a hole. On the same side of the room are housed along the wall 12 elements colored ceramic used for the wall coating of the BSE Hamburg intervention.

Fondazione di Venezia

dimension: 140 sqm
budget: 105.000 euro
project: 2014
completed: 2014

Francesco Bogoni

studio Camuffo

Sergio Martucci

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