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Outdoor spaces Port Museum in Trieste

The Polo Museale del Porto di Trieste, located in the northern area of the Old Port, is set up in all the new functions hosted by the ex hydrodynamics plant and the ex electric substation. The project involves the redesigning of the external spaces between the two buildings to complete a new identity for the museum area, characterizing it with a clear vocation of public space and openness to the city. In order to requalify the spaces between the Hydrodynamic Power Plant, the Electric Substation and the existing warehouses 26 and 27, considering also the current configuration of the road system, it was therefore planned to redevelop a portion of the existing asphalt by laying a new low thickness pavement in Rosso di Verona stone grit. This area will become a walk dedicated to the Polo Museale del Porto di Trieste, thanks to the creation of an installation composed of portions of the old existing bollards, designed to recreate the image of an ideal waterfront.  Around the bollards, a metal ring with an external diameter of approx. 3.50 m will find an adequate position in the ground with an inlay of letters that make up a sort of memory path, through the re-proposition of embarkation calls and the main routes influenced by commercial traffic in the Old Port of the city of Trieste. To delineate the spatial limit of the intervention, on the southern face of the hydrodynamic plant, a measured architectural structure made of cor-ten steel about two metres high indicates the entrance to the new museum area. Designed to make the site recognisable from far away, it has a bronze logo consisting of the initials of the names of the two buildings, reproposed with a font redesigned starting from the lettering of the original inscriptions on the machinery kept inside the hydrodynamics plant. This new “totem” finds further articulation with the formation of a seat of an urban character, It is about sixty metres long, which while maintaining the visual permeability of the spaces serves as a separation between the museum area and the adjacent road.


Port Authority of Trieste

dimension: 2400 mq
budget: 440.000 euro
project: 2015-2016
completed: 2016

MHK srl

Matteo Sirinati

Roberto Pastrovicchio

— I musei del Porto vecchio fra bitte e Rosso di Verona, Il Piccolo n° 21 marzo 2017, pg. 29, GEDI, 2017 — Progetto di riqualificazione delle aree esterne della Centrale Idrodinamica e della Sottostazione Elettrica presso il Porto Vecchio di Trieste, Identità dell'architettura italiana n° 14, pg. 88-89, Edizioni Diabasis, 2016

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