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San Domenico auditorium

detailed proposal and final proposal to transform the S.Domenico church  in a new auditorium of the near-est music school


The church of S. Domenico, in use by the Conservatorio A. PEDROLLO music school, represents a fundamental completion of the project of the complex of St. Domenico and therefore an ideal place to carry out artistic activity in the presence of the public. The objective of the intervention is to combine the conservation needs to the needs to adapt it to a specific use, and therefore with an appropriate tech-nological equipment. The restoration will therefore be to stop the serious state of degradation faced by the church and return it to the Conservatory and citizenship. As regards, instead, the intervention allows the reversibility of a real construction and therefore not corroding in any way the original architectural and decorative apparatus. Consider also the need to ensure acoustic comfort in an environment that is primarily intended for musical performances. In this sense, the intervention, as well as provide for a careful soundproofing (not just limiting the noise from outside but also by limiting the technical instal-lations) must at the same time ensure adequate control of reverberation time in the room. The project involves the construction of a wooden platform, fire retardant plywood panels 6 mm oak veneer 2 sides by 4 mm, dim. approximately 1.60 x 0.90, which is placed above the portion of the original floor, thus allowing the housing of all plants. In continuity with the platform jacket in wood up along the wall of the entrance, getting control device performance acoustics of the hall, as well as support of the lighting elements and masking of inlets UTA. Against the wall of the entrance a wardrobe in oak modular ele-ments of different sizes accommodate the installations necessary for the thermohygrometric control for the conservation of the historical elements and organ as well as fixed for environmental control during the musical performances.


dimension: 150 mq
project: 2003
completed: 2003-2004

Nicola Busato

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