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Sesto San Giovanni

idea competition for the new design of the piazza della Repubblica, IV Novembre (Rondo’) and Oldrini in Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

The project’s main objective is to contribute to the process of regeneration of the town of Sesto giving a clear structure to the system of open spaces. Currently, in fact, the three squares object of the competi-tion, Oldrini square, Piazza IV Novembre and Piazza della Repubblica are configured as a set of spheres placed near but not related. There is also a second set of green open spaces consist of the garden Corridoni Padovani, from garden Rovani Bandiera and garden overlooking Via Piave Via Modena corner that currently constitute a fragment without any identity. The intention of the project proposal aims to establish a new system of central places, synergistic and interconnected, starting from the reconfigura-tion of all areas mentioned above.
The project involves a radical transformation of the existing reservoir of square Oldrini: in fact, this area currently lacks scale, identity and spatial quality. The project proposes a two levels plate – containing inside commercial, and cultural services – which defines a system with five patios and open spaces that alternate hanging situations of light and shadow. In some places the activities affecting the plate construct a vertical relationship with the parking lot below. It also provides for the demolition of the building that currently houses the civic center and the relocation of its functions within the new structure. The new system of open spaces, measured and redefined by the coverage practicable building which allows, among other things, to overshadow the around of little architectural value, allows to generate so high in urban areas that may become the new hub of culture and trade in Sesto San Giovanni.

Sesto San Giovanni Municipality

dimension: 54.100 mq
project: 2005

Nicola Busato
Michele Restivo

Nicola Bertuccio
Alessandra Barone

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