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competition for the preliminary design of a mainly residential intervention in Marghera, 2nd prize

Marghera (VE)

Inhabit the city: socialscape

The project transforms the settlement status of the competition area located in Marghera – near the underpass to the Mestre railway station.

It is an area near the railway infrastructure, not affected by the design made for the new garden city of Marghera, realized between 1917 and 1922. This kind of areas is strategic, with strong accessibility and infrastructure, which currently occur with uncertain margins and lack a defined character.

The project therefore upgrade this inner edge, giving first a structure that is the system of open spaces, physically defining a set of central places, synergistic and interconnected with a strong presence of functions (residential, commercial, tertiary, common equipment) in a portion of the city characterized by a high uniformity of the building fabric and the absence of identity.

The project proposes a sort of engraved plate at two levels – containing inside commercial, cultural and services – which defines an internal open area to the same complex, high urban content, able to redefine the area also from the point of view social, through the use of multifunctional presence.

The complex is organized in two volumetric masses:

– A horizontal mass mainly on two levels – the engraved plate – almost an artificial topography that reinvents the landscape with inside trading commercial functions, and designing public open space to generate the volume of the new gymnasium;

– A vertical volume – the monolith – placed parallel to Via Ulloa, which contains within it the directional and residential functions.

The monolith is divided into 14 floors of which 12 floors are reserved to the residence while the ground and first floor respectively are dedicated to the commercial and directional. The building has the front on Via G. Ulloa which is long and 77,00 ml is high total of 45 ml. Under the whole complex they are located n. 2 basement floors of parking spaces. The building has n. 165 apartments of various sizes, for a Sp. Total residential area of ​​12402.04 square meters. The apartments are served by three cores, each formed by a stairwell and n. 2 elevators.

Each floor has between 14 and 16 apartments of various sizes. The apartments – in depending on the orientation and position – are organized with a distribution overlooking mono or bi-facing distribution in the header position. In the last four floors are arranged residential units arranged in duplex.

The engraved plate contains a Sp. Commercial ground floor of 2,086 square meters and a surface on the first floor of 2,836 square meters in commercial / directional mixed function for a total of 4,922 square meters.

Est Capital Sgr

dimension: 17.325 mq Sp/10.384 mq area
budget: 25.954.400 euro
project: 2011

Jorge Rollan
Matteo Sirinati

studio ReD

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