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competition proposal for the new kindegarten school and the design of the school sector

Arbedo Castione (CH)

The project designs the open spaces of the entire Castione education sector by providing a new meeting area: the last stretch of via delle Scuole is completely reconfigured in a completely pedestrian paved area, on which overlook the new spaces of the primary and secondary school canteen. The position of the new kindergarten building determines definitely the connotation of open spaces: the asylum garden on the East, and the public park on the West.

The main body of the new kindergarten defines, with an articulated head volumetrically, the meeting place near the central building of the secondary school. The roofs system is thought of as a fifth facade.

The access of the kindergarten is from the garden. The functional organization system provides that the atrium / wardrobe space, coupled two by two to form two unique rooms, constituing the filters to the entrance of the kindergarten.

The kindergarten is organized on a single level to emphasize both the external/internal relations (garden/educational/patio space) that those internal /internal of the spaces dedicated to the various activities.

The four sections are arranged in pairs, so as to share two by two, the spaces dedicated to the game. These spaces for motion activities also constitute the connective system of the other educational spaces and are articulable by a variously perforated panels system that, turning on hinges, allows to differentiate the distribution of the room.

The two spaces for movement activities overlook two interior patios, which allow natural light to illuminate the building in depth and to have two real open air rooms, like a kind of natural prosecution of the external spaces.

The classrooms for quiet activities are organized in series along the west side of the building , with double facing either to the inner patio and towards the public park. Each classroom is also equipped with a device, a sort of “box” inside of the room looking to the landscape, a child’s scale space.

The kindergarten school canteen spaces are arranged in pairs in a single room physically separable in to two distinct spaces.

Arbedo Castione Municipality

dimension: 29.975 mq
project: 2014-2015

Maria Vittoria Bosi
Matus Pastorok

Planex Srl

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