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Urban corner

feasibility study and final project for the conversion of a building from a commercial to a residential one with demolition and reconstruction


The project involved the transformation of a building located in via Segantini in Bologna from its current use as office space into a residential building through demolition and reconstruction.

The proposed project was to build a residential building with an underground garage, maintaining the original corner position on the street front that gives the building a peculiar urban value as a hinge element.
The intent was that this building take on the role of signaling a shift in urban scale between the smaller structures of the residential fabric of the single and two-family buildings on the lot, and the construction of larger apartment buildings, and functional buildings such as the local school.

In this sense, particular value has been given to the study of the volumetric and plastic articulation of the roof. We concluded that the most effective solution was the one with the largest slope of the roof facing the open space facing the school building. The idea is to constitute an element of conclusion of the syncopated space of individual apartment buildings on the lot, and to signal the start of the expansion of the open space in relation to the larger apartment buildings. The proposed intervention foresees a 10% increase in the existing volume for improved performance levels, the construction of a new underground garage with 9 parking spaces and a garden area, the realization of 2 apartments on the ground floor, three apartments on the first floor, and 3 apartments on the second floor, with one final apartment on the floor just below the roof.


dimension: 1.400 mq
project: 2013-2017

Matteo SIrinati

Andrea Rigato
Guido Generali
studio ReD
Trillini engineering

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