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Urban corner

feasibility study and final project for the conversion of a building from a commercial to a residential one with demolition and reconstruction


The project involves the transformation of a building, located in via Segantini in Bologna the current use of office space, in a residential building through a demolition and reconstruction.

The proposed intervention aims to transform the building into a residential building with underground garage, providing to increase by 10% the existing volume for improved performance levels, to create a new garage in the new basement level with n. 9 parking places and ramp in the private courtyard, maintaining the current location of the building by eliminating the volume jutting out towards the garden, reconfiguring the roof elevation recovering the volume eliminated on the garden, moving the stairs on the north side along Via Segantini, inside the building, and inserting a lift. The project provides for n. 2 apartments on the ground floor, n. 3 apartments on the 1st floor and n. 3 apartments on the 2nd floor, n. 1 app. under the roof and realizing a high performance envelope cladding.


dimension: 1.400 mq
project: 2013-2017

Matteo SIrinati

Andrea Rigato
Guido Generali
studio ReD
Trillini engineering

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