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housing competition in Foligno (PG)

Foligno (PG)

A place of aggregation and socialization

The project’s primary objective is to raise the quality of the entire settlement, restoring meaning and centrality to the design of open spaces.

Starting from the provisions set out in the UT/USD area plan No. 13 S. Pietro, we have tried to give form and measure to “what is between” the new buildings: establishing a close relationship between buildings and open space.

The proposed solution thus provides a system of open pedestrian spaces integrated into the context according to a reinterpretation, borrowed from the experiments on the garden city, on the theme of the close. In this way it is possible to intervene also on those materials of the urban space that currently constitute fragments of poor definition such as public parking.

The void thus regains its meaning and is structured and organized through an elongated public space that begins between the new buildings and the structure of the car park, articulating it more and designing within it a pedestrian area dedicated to meeting and socializing, characterized by trees and bordered by a system of seats protected by a sunshade element. This linear device is conceived in continuity with the system of fences and elements for the ventilation of underground car parks and characterizes and measures the entire section of public space.

The pedestrian access to the two residential buildings is from a public space organized between the two buildings and called close.

Two ramps, whose accesses are perpendicular to the public pedestrian space behind the public car park, lead to the two underground car parks.

The fence system that forms a filter between public and private is made up of a linear element that contains the grilles for the ventilation of the car parks, a seat protected by a horizontal structure. This device allows the interface between public and private to be built, protecting the basement of the building from introspection, and, punctually, it also constitutes the shelter where the bicycles are housed.

Each building body is served by two stairwells equipped with an elevator for accessibility even for the disabled, elderly or people with reduced mobility.

Ancab - Legambiente

dimension: 2.080 mq
project: 2008

Matteo Sirinati
Raffaella Fornasier

Zero4uno srl
Studio associato Vio

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