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Special House for disabled people

Detailed proposal, final proposal and building site supervision pavilion for disabled persons in collaboration with Nicola Busato office Vicenza.


The Provincial Administration of Vicenza is the promoter of a project for the creation of a welcoming home for people with disabilities on land it owns along via dell’Ospedaletto in Bertesina locations in Vicenza. “We’d like you to think of a home for our children.” From this phrase came the project for the construction of a residential building for a small housing community of disabled children with a maximum of 10 guests. The normative aspect was, when the design was ongoing, only the background on which to develop the reasoning that aims rather to define the innovative principles of the building housing responsive to guests and consistent with their needs. The routes, the continuity or discontinuity between the spaces, the relationship between inside and outside, have assumed that, in the evolution of the project, the same importance and have been designed with as much care of the special equipment of the rooms or bathrooms. The building, a 3 patios pavilion, identifies a type that can be replicated in different contexts. The decisive choice has been to develop the building on one level, raising it to 100 cm from the ground level, thus restoring the correct point of view, compared to the surrounding environment, for anyone who spends much of his time sitting and you have to move using a wheelchair; consistent with this choice it was decided to replace the traditional openings with glass walls that provide the living area is a direct relationship with the outside world and instead are “protected” by the presence of the patios and special shielding in the area night. The patios, as well as mediate the relationship between inside and outside of most of the rooms, and offer a safe area in case of fire, organize small indoor gardens, easily accessible where, if necessary, you can find a moment of intimacy or establish a direct relationship with the natural elements which may be water, grass or plants.

Provincia di Vicenza

dimension: 700,23 mq
budget: 570.000 euro
project: 2006
completed: 2006-2007

Nicola Busato Office

Franco Grazioli
Master T&A

Alessandra ChemolloORCH
MAP studio

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